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Cleaning and care

Cleaning and care:

The cleaning and care of protective and emergency clothing is essential for the protective effect, the service life and the health of the wearer. Dirty clothing may contain carcinogenic substances, depending on the degree of contamination. For these reasons, clothing should be washed regularly.

What to consider when caring for:

Before washing:

Empty all pockets

Zippers and Velcro closures should be closed completely

Velcro and hook parts should be covered if possible. These can otherwise damage the outer fabric

Remove carabiner and other holder and stow fixed with clothing fastening options safely in the pockets. This protects the clothes and the washing machine.

Je nachdem ob die Verschmutzung außen bzw. innen liegt die Kleidung auf “links” oder “rechts” waschen.

Washing process:

Fill the washing machine only 2/3 full

Use a care program with prewash at 60°C

Use commercially available mild detergent. Do not use a heavy-duty detergent, bleach or solvents, or fabric softener.

After the washing process 3 rinsing cycles to wash out detergent residues from the fabric and the membrane. Spin at max. 800 rpm.


Dry the garment with a machine / tumble dryer (1 point) or in a drying channel at a laundry at max. 110°C or iron the outer fabric without steam at approx. 150°C (2 point). Drying reactivates the impregnation by up to 5% and thus the impregnation cycles can be reduced.


To check the impregnation status, spray water onto the outer fabric. If the water drops bead off, the impregnation is in tact. If the water soaks into the outer fabric and no longer rolls off, then reimpregnation is required.

To do this, add a Flourcarbon-impregnating agent (dosage according to manufacturer's instructions) after the 3rd rinse cycle in the alluvial water and start the 4th rinse cycle. Then carry out the drying process as described above.

For all further information, please refer to the washing recommendations in the download area.

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